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Visiting James Bond locations

It's always great to be able to go and visit a James Bond filming location and over the year I've been lucky enough to visit a few of these locations both in the UK and abroad.

City Hall in San Francisco as featured in A View To A Kill.
The stunning Golden Gate Bridge as featured in A View To A Kill.
Another San Fransisco location as featured in A View To A Kill – Fisherman's Wharf where Bond meets CIA agent Chuck Lee.
The Gasometer buildings in Vienna as seen in The Living Daylights. These are the buildings where Koskov is seen climbing up the steps inside and his plane takes off from as part of his escape from Bratislava.
The giant ferris wheel in Prater Park, Vienna as seen in The Living Daylights. Bond and Kara go for a romantic spin in cabin number 10, alas I just missed getting into the same cabin!
The shop Bond and Saunders use to try and protect Koskov whilst he defects in Bratislava in The Living Daylights. This shop is actually in Vienna and is opposite the Volksoper building seen below.
The Volksoper used in The Living Daylights as the building where Koskov escapes his minders and 'defects' to the West. You can see the window where Kara sits pretending to be a sniper and also the toilet window Koskov climbs through.
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna as seen in The Living Daylights. Bond and Kara drive past this building as part of their horse-drawn carriage ride around the city.
The tram station and toilet doors Bond is seen using after picking up Kara's cello case from the tram as seen in The Living Daylights. Again both of these buildings are in Vienna and are doubling for Bratislava.
Kara's appartment door and the tram line seen outside her appartment as seen in The Living Daylights. Again these are both in Vienna, although in the film are meant to be Bratislava.
The street Bond and Koskov drive along after leaving Saunders after the defection and another location seen during the horse-drawn carriage ride as seen in The Living Daylights.
The Scottish valley that Bond and M stop at whilst driving to Skyfall Lodge from Skyfall. This valley is actually situated not far from Glencoe, the location where James Bond grew up according to Ian Fleming.
The Royal College of Arms as featured in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The building is still exactly the same as it was back in 1969 and is very easy to find just near to St Paul's Cathedral on Queen Victoria Street, London.
Not a Bond location, but I did manage to spot these two whilst on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Unfortunately I didn't have time to find Sean Connery's or Cubby Broccoli's.
Again, not a Bond filming location but certainly one of importance to the world of James Bond. This is Ian Fleming's house at 22b Ebury Street, London, where he lived from 1934-1945, during the majority of his career in naval intelligence.
During the summer of 2014 50 uniquely designed book benches were placed around various locations in London. One was created for the James Bond stories (pictured) and placed in Bloomsbury Square Gardens. You can find out more about the Books about Town book benches here.
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