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From hanging cardboard boards and Smirnoff bunting, here are just some of the 007 displays I've collected.

The Living Daylights cinema display hanger (MGM/UA Distribution Co., UK, 1987)
Large promotional cardboard hanging display to promote a Licence To Kill 'Be Bond For A Day' at KFC restaurants (KFC, UK, 1989-90)
Smirnoff shop bunting to promote their GoldenEye competition (Smirnoff, UK, 1995)
Terry's Chocolate Orange promotional shelf hanger to promote their 'Win a 007 BMW Z3' competition (Terry's, UK, 1995-97)
Der Morgen Stirbt Nie (Tomorrow Never Dies) L'Oréal cardboard shelf top display (L'Oréal, Germany, 1997)
The World Is Not Enough cinema bunting (Maker and country unknown, 1999)
The World Is Not Enough Wimpy competition cardboard hanging display (Wimpy, UK, 1999)
Die Another Day Energizer cardboard shelf top display (Energizer Batteries, Germany, 2002)
Die Another Day Total petrol pump promotional display (Total, UK, 2002)
James Bond Buy Bond Today large cardboard display (UK, c.2002)
Small Die Another Day credit card display card (Lloyds Bank TSB / Visa, UK, 2002)
Small Die Another Day cardboard shelf hanger to promote the films release on DVD and VHS (MGM Home Entertainment, UK, 2003)
Buy Bond Get Bond Free cardboard shelf hanger (MGM Home Entertainment, UK, 2003)
Casino Royale cardboard shop display used in HMV stores at the release of the film on DVD (UK, 2007)
Casino Royale large hanging cardboard shop display boards used in WH Smith stores at the release of the film on DVD (UK, 2007)
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