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Bond is more famous for his Rolex, or more recently Omega watches, which unfornuately I don't have any of in my collection. I do however have several toy watches, and more affordable Bond related timepieces.

James Bond 007 Wrist Watch Radio (Vanity Fair, US, 1977)
James Bond Wrist Watch Radio in box (Vanity Fair, US, 1977)
James Bond quartz wrist watch with 007 theme melody alarm in For Your Eyes Only packaging (Zeon, UK, 1981)
James Bond 007 Secret Service Watch (Imperial Toys, UK, 1984)
The Living Daylights watch that plays the 007 theme (Zeon, UK, 1987)
Official Secret Agent Survival Watch Set - a limited edition no. 1548 of 3000 (Fossil, US, 1998)
007 Animated Talking Watch (Zeon Quartz, UK, 2000)
From Russia With Love watch from Swatch's collection released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Bond films. Note they got the date of the release of the film wrong on the watch strap, it should be 1963 not 1964 (Swatch, UK, 2002)
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