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Badges & Stickers

Easy, and often reasonably affordable to collect, Bond badges and stickers are great items to collect. There are some rarities though - most notably the Lone Star pin badges from the 1960s and a set of Octopussy stickers given away in promotional boxes of Shredded Wheat cereal in the UK in 1983.

Agent 007 metal button badge (Maker unknown, US, c.1964
Series of three Goldfinger related metal button badges (Maker unknown, US, c.1964
Two 007 pin badges (Maker unknown, US, c.1960s
James Bond 007 badges on shop display card (Lone Star, UK, c.1965)
Special Agent 007 badge on backing card (Lone Star, UK, c.1965)
James Bond Roger Moore plastic badge (Maker unknown, UK, c.1977)
Set of four Moonraker reflective metal badges (Paw Factors, UK, 1979)
Set of five For Your Eyes Only badges (Phoenix Publications, UK, 1981)
Shop display card of bagged Octopussy badges (Present Needs Ltd., UK, 1983)
A View To A Kill Michelin promotional badge from (Michelin, France, 1985)
The Living Daylights Top Man promotional metal badge (Top Man, UK, 1987)
Kentucky Fried Chicken badge worn by employees to promote their 'Be Bond For A Day' competition around the release of Licence To Kill on VHS (KFC, UK, 1990)
Part series of James Bond pin badges from Dr No, Operation Tonnerre (Thunderball) and Octopussy (Maker unknown, France, c.1990s)
James Bond silhouette and James Bond 007 Fan Club pin badges (Maker unknown, UK, c.1990s)
Two Pierce Brosnan era metal badges - Tomorrow Never Dies promo badge (Maker unknown, UK, 1997) and Die Another Day from part of a promotion for the DVD release of the film in Walmart stores (Walmart, US, 2002)
Three small James Bond badges - GoldenEye metal pin badge (left), The World Is Not Enough Energizer batteries promotional badge (middle) and Never Say Never Again promotional badge (right)
Skyfall promotional badge (Factory Entertainment, US, 2012)
Saab 900 James Bond promotional sticker. This was produced after the release of John Gardner's Licence Renewed in which the car featured (Saab, UK, c.1981-82)
Part set of eight Octopussy promotional stickers given away in boxes of Shredded Wheat cereal (Nabisco/P&P Promotions, UK, 1983)
Never Say Never Again promotional sticker (Warner Bros., US, 1983)
A View To A Kill bullet hole stickers (Odeon/Rank cinemas, UK, 1985)
Set of A View To A Kill stickers in packet (Movic, Japan, 1985)
The Living Daylights set of three sticker sheets and promo Trio chocolate bars wrapper (Nabisco, UK, 1987)
Der Hauch Des Todes (The Living Daylights) promotional round sticker (United International Pictures, Germany, 1987)
The Living Daylights promotional bumper sticker (Maker unknown, Australia, 1987)
Licence To Kill Eon Productions address label (Danjaq/United Artists, UK, 1989)
Swatch promotional sticker to advertise their 007 Villain Collection of watches featuring Oddjob and the Goldfinger watch (Swatch, Europe, 2008)
James Bond 007 Ultimate Sticker Collection (Dorling Kindersley, UK, 2015)
James Bond 007 Collectors Box containing Spectre t-shirt, Bond film poster bin badges, Bond villain coasters, 007 travel mug, Spectre cufflinks and Aston Martin DB5 keychain (A-Box, US, 2017)
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