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I'm a graphic designer based in the south-west of the UK. I have been collecting Bond memorabilia since 1995 and have somewhere around 1000+ items (and no spare room!). My interest in Bond started first with the packaging of some of the 1960's toys (I am a designer after all!) and grew from there into a love for all things Bondian.

I think my favourite item in the collection is the Swell bubble gum packaging box from the 1960's. I brought this a few years ago on eBay and I haven't seen one since or before.

Many of the items are rare and some aren't, but for me the interest is in the vast amount of collectibles there are. Everything from toy cars to beach towels, 007 soap to James Bond Easter eggs, child's swimming fins to slot car sets, the list is endless…

Star Wars and Star Trek may have a strong foothold in the merchandise market but remember James Bond is the daddy of them all!!


One of my favourite items in my collection - an original 1960s packaging box for Swell James Bond bubble gum cartons. It came with a Multiple Toys S.A. Special Pistol as well
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