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Remembering Sir Roger Moore

The 23rd May 2018 marks the first anniversary of the death of the much loved Sir Roger Moore. I never got to meet the great man personally, but I like many others felt like we had a connection with him thanks in no small part to his fabulous work on The Saint, The Persuaders, in countless films and of course as our favourite spy James Bond 007 in seven films from Live And Let Die in 1973 through to A View To A Kill in 1985.

I remember exactly where I was when the news broke that Sir Roger had sadly passed away. My wife and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary in Vienna and we'd just spent the day touring many of the locations in the city used in The Living Daylights. We were on the underground train and her phone buzzed with an update from the BBC News app. When she told me the news it was like a punch to the stomach. It's hard to describe why you feel this way about someone you don't know or have never meet, but I know I wasn't the only one that felt like this. The outpouring of love, admiration and wonderful stories about Sir Roger in the days after his death just showed how much affection there was for the man. His work speaks for itself, but is perhaps what he did after his time as 007 as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF that makes him stand out. Not only a great actor, but also an all-round great guy.

As a celebration of the man and his time as 007 I’ve collected together some of my favourite items of memorabilia featuring him, from video shop display stands to bubble bath bottles, some featuring unique and beautiful illustrations.

Here’s to you Sir Roger, nobody did it better.

James Bond Moonraker inspired bubble bath with Roger Moore shaped bottle (Noveltime Products Ltd., UK, 1979)
James Bond walkie-talkie wrist watches (Vanity Fair, US, 1977)
James Bond Film Themes (Laser, Germany/Netherlands, c.1985)
Corgi Juniors For Your Eyes Only Citroen 2CV shop counter display box (Corgi, UK, 1981)
Total Film magazine with Roger Moore as James Bond cover and article as part of their 100 Covers 100 Icons feature (Future Publishing Ltd., UK, Issue.265, December 2017)
Moonraker 1:144 scale space shuttle and booster rockets kit (Revell, US, 1979)
The Ventures The Man With The Golden Gun theme single (United Artists Records, Germany, 1974)
James Bond Solid State AM radio (Vanity Fair, US, 1977)
Tintin magazine with Vivre Et Laisser Mourir (Live And Let Die) cover and article (Le Lombard, France/Belgium, No.1311, 11th December 1973)
Promotional Octopussy rubber place mat (Quick, Belgium, 1995). There are two others in the this set for The Man With The Golden Gun and GoldenEye
For Your Eyes Only Automatic 100 Walther PPK (Crescent Toys, UK, 1981)
James Bond 007 Secret Service I.D. Tags (Imperial Toys, UK, 1984)
Super Collection 007 (Polydor, Japan, 1981)
Counter display standee to promote the release of A View To A Kill on VHS (Warner Home Video, Australia, 1986)
Roger Moore era James Bond 007 gun set (CT, Thailand, date unknown)
Live And Let Die soundtrack gatefold sleeve LP (United Artists Records, US, 1973)
Moonraker sweet cigarette and trading card counter display box (Alma, UK, 1979)
James Bond 007 Moonraker Special (World Distributors Ltd., UK, 1979)
James Bond 007 Secret Service Walkie Talkie (Imperial Toys, UK, 1984)
The Definitive Bond Collection Live And Let Die Leyland R.T. Double Decker Bus - model no. CC06101 (Corgi, UK, 2001)
The Spy Who Loved Me child's t-shirt (St Michael, UK, 1977)
For Your Eyes Only sheet music p(United Artists Music Ltd, UK, 1981)
James Bond 007 Secret Service Sunglasses (Imperial Toys, UK, 1984)
Bond On Bond - The Ultimate Book on 50 Years of Bond Movies by Sir Roger Moore with Gareth Owen (Michael O'Mare Books Ltd., UK, 2012)
The Man With The Golden Gun (L'Uomo Dalla Pistola D'Oro) soundtrack LP (United Artists Records, Italy, 1974)
Roger Moore as James Bond 007 kit (JRC, Japan, 1983)
Moonraker fountain pen and eraser (Maker unknown, Netherlands, 1979)
James Bond complete spy kit in a cardboard briefcase (Coibel, US, 1985)
Small Der Spion, Der Mich Liebte (The Spy Who Loved Me) brochure (Neuer Filmkurier, Austria, 1977)
A View To A Kill Renault promotional poster to advertise their products use in the film (Renault, France, 1985)
Themes from 007 Series by The Film Studio Orchestra (Victor, Japan, c.1974)
Look-in magazine with The Spy Who Loved Me cover and article (Independent Television Publications Ltd., UK, No.28, 9th July 1977)
Moonraker card game (Heraclio Fournier, Spain, 1979)
Moonraker 1000 piece puzzle (MB, France, 1979)
James Bond Roger Moore plastic badge (Maker unknown, UK, c.1977)
James Bond Diary - Roger Moore's account of filming Live And Let Die (Pan, UK, 1973/Fawcett Gold Medal, US, 1973)
James Bond Connoisseur's Collection - Volume Two: The '70s (Inkworks, US, 1996)
Big Bond Movie Themes by Geoff Love and his orchestra (Music for Pleasure/EMI, UK, 1975)
Moonraker promotional sugar packet (Movie Start Promotion, Switzerland, May 1979)
TV Times magazine with For Your Eyes Only cover and article (Independent Television Publications Ltd., UK, Vol.103 No.26, 18th June 1981)
Aston Martin DB5 on tall Roger Moore backing card produced - model no. 40 (Corgi, UK, 1982)
Moonraker child's sleeping bag (3-G, Canada, c.1979)
The Spy Who Loved Me 150 piece puzzle (Frolic (HG Toys), Canada, 1977) - two out of a set of three
Ticket to the Octopussy Royal World Charity Premiere held on the 6th June 1983 (UK, 1983)
Set of five For Your Eyes Only badges (Phoenix Publications, UK, 1981)
James Bond quartz wrist watch with 007 theme melody alarm in For Your Eyes Only packaging (Zeon, UK, 1981)
A View To A Kill taxi chase scene 204 piece puzzle (Hestair, UK, 1985) - one of a set of two
James Bond Diary 1986 packed with images of Roger Moore as 007 (Argus Communications, UK, 1985)
Moonraker and Other James Bond Movie Hits (Music World, New Zealand, 1979)
James Bond 007 Shooting Game (Berwick, UK, 1978)
Set of A View To A Kill stickers in packet (Movic, Japan, 1985)
L'espion Qui M' Aimait (The Spy Who Loved Me) paperback - this is the film adaptation by Christopher Wood (Julliard/Presses Pocket, France, 1978)
Octopussy original motion picture soundtrack deluxe edition with nice folding sleeve notes. Three of the tracks feature original incidental dialogue from the film (Rykodisc/MGM Soundtracks, US, 1997)
Moonraker 12½ James Bond figure (Mego Corp., US, 1979)
A View To A Kill Sharper Image Catalog (Sharper Image, US, June/July 1985)
James Bond Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me - model no. Junior 2521 (Corgi, UK, 1979)
Set of 4 Find Your Fate books 'based on the sensational new 007 film A View To A Kill' (Ballantine Books, US, 1985)
The Frank Barber Orchestra Disco Bond EP (PRT Records, UK, 1983). Just what every Bond fan needs!
Set of four promotional glasses - the set features The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only and A View To A Kill (Pepsi Co., US, c.1985)
Moonraker bubble gum card packet (Topps, US, 1979)
Cinema magazine with Octopussy cover and article (IPV Inland, Germany, Nr.8-83, August 1983)
Octopussy one sheet advance poster (United International Pictures, Germany, 1983)
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